Case study

Primary Market Research to
Identify Right Drug Candidates for
Clinical Development


A French Biotech Company


Identification of the right drugs, which can be developed using client’s extended release technology, and further developing a Market Access strategy for EU and US.


CXOs, R&D team, Market Access team

Area of Focus

Extended release dosage

Key Questions
Our Solution

Created a thorough market access model for the identified drugs, which included understanding the unmet medical need, KOL opinion, and performing a pricing analysis

A detailed US and EU specific access roadmap was created, which can further be applied to other products in the pipeline.

ArtiXio Advantage

Domain Experts

Commercial, Scientific, Technology, Regulatory

Proprietary Platform

Knowledgebase of Drugs, Market Access Models

Technology Suite

Dynamic Platform ArtTech

KOL Network

Primary Interviews in both EU and US

Value Created

Value Created icon
Custom market access strategy for EU and US, where one product was selected to be developed for EU and the other for US, based on Artixio recommendations
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