Skon Naturals

We are exhilarated to share a success story of our esteemed client, Skon Naturals, who have recently launched range of 100% Natural Hair Color products. We speak with Radhika Nathany, one of the founders of Skon Naturals who chose Artixio as her partner for their brand’s regulatory needs. Here we share a glimpse of our conversation with Radhika.

Tell us about your brand

Our brand Skon Naturals is a brand for Herbal Hair Colors and Herbal Hair Mask. It is for those for appreciate and look for natural substitutes for body and health care. We are based in Rajasthan and this brand for us is really our family values and Rajasthani culture coming together. We want it to be known for Natural Living and good rich values!


We would love to know your story, your hurdles, challenges and WOW! Moments

Well, our story goes like – we are a family totally into natural living. I mean, we look for natural substitutes for everything all the time and are also conscious of our lifestyle habits. So this brand is dedicated to Natural Living and sharing knowledge about the same. We discovered these products also when the mother of the house complained of how chemicals in hair colors have been damaging her hair! That was the starter. It was first used in our home before we rolled it out as a brand and business. We have recently launched and much like any business, we have had out teething problems. The challenge to overcome is to shift the mind-set of people and get their attention on natural products that might take time to show results but are totally worth it to maintain hair health for long-term. The WOW! Moment was seeing the product in our hands and when sales started! 🙂 It moved from our home product to being a ‘consumer brand!’ 🙂

How do you plan to expand the brand? Both products/categories and markets

We have recently launched and the first goal is to build brand awareness and get hold on the online market. Not many people are aware that a natural substitute for hair colors is available in the market, hence we have to work harder to build awareness. For now we will be selling online only and gradually, the goal is to launch more products, in the same category and also possibly in health care. We are also looking to expand the brand in the global market.


How are your products different considering it’s a very competitive market

These are 100% Natural products. So obviously, the hair colors do not damage hair and because of the presence of Ayurvedic herbs, they further nourish hair too. Currently majority of hair color brands come with chemicals, and have damaging effects on hair for long term. These use natural products like Henna to add to color.

Tell us something about your team

We are really small and family-driven right out. There’s a father, a mother, a daughter (quite literally!). Some activities are outsourced and we plan to grow further soon! 🙂


How was your experience working with Artixio?

All good! I appreciate the responsiveness, commitment and timely deliveries. I did not have to chase, something that I really dread when I outsource work. So the trust factor was truly comforting for me.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Skon Naturals for selecting Artixio as their regulatory and market partner, wishing you best with your brand!


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