FDA- Sanitizer Hot List Got Longer-18 New Entries In 18 Days

FDA’s Sanitizer Hot List Got Longer: 18 New Entries In 18 Days

As previously stated, methanol/ methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) used to make rocket fuel and antifreeze is toxic and should never be rubbed on to the skin or swallowed. The U.S Food and Administration (FDA) has added 18 new products to its ‘Do Not Use’ sanitizer list with potential and known methanol content as well as possible sub-potent efficacy. The USFDA stated that swallowing or drinking hand sanitizers contaminated with methanol can cause serious health problems, including permanent blindness and death.

The latest entries to the FDA’s ‘Do Not Use list’ include products from Mexico, Turkey and Guatemala. As a response, several companies have voluntarily recalled suspect hand sanitizer products.

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