High On Skincare with CBD

CBD has found its way across diverse products right from chocolates, health food, supplements, oil, hybrid vegetables, beverages and other products; moving away from the recreational perception that marijuana has been carrying with it for decades. With the world opening up to CBD based products, cosmetic products are emerging with infused CBD oil as key ingredient for skin care. Primarily driven by millennials and middle aged consumers, the CBD skincare market is poised to grow to $1.64 billion during 2020-24 as per the CBD Skincare market report from Techanvio.

Studies are underway to establish the dosage and specific types of cannabinoids that have varied effects on skin. Nevertheless, CBD based products in general continue to show good results in helping to smooth wrinkles, prevent pimples, and alleviate dry skin.

The current skincare product spread include deep moisture oils, night creams, lip balms, serum, body wash, cleanser, hand cream, deodorant and other products.

A generation of companies have emerged in past decade engaged in cultivating hemp, manufacturing hemp based products, advocacy and marketing; and few of them have already adapted right marketing strategies combined with highly scientific product development making them standout. Few of such companies are,

The Cronos Group:

 A company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, manufactures and distributes CBD based skincare and other products in several major markets worldwide including in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and Israel. Cronos has created some quirky line of products through its subsidiaries Lord Jones, Happy Dance, Spinach, Cove and Peace Naturals. The products include lip balms, oils, moisturizers, body wash, hybrid vegetables. While the products are widely popular, the branding, packaging, design and communication of products are a notch above.

Elixinol Global Ltd.

Elixinol’s global operations are based in USA, Europe and Australia, with Australian operations mostly focused on hemp foods. The company manufactures and distributes hemp based lip balms, moisturizers, serum, body wash and other products.

Endoca BV

Endoca is headquartered in Netherlands supplying hemp based products worldwide using its ecommerce platform. Their range of products in skincare range from CBD oil, CBD infused cream, deodorant, lip balm and others. The brand maintains a good 4.4 star rating on Trustpilot with over 3000 reviews that speaks volume of its product quality. Companies branding is subtle unlike Cronos’ brands and provide a natural product appearance in its packaging and design perhaps to establish tis 100% natural and GMO free product line.

Isodiol International Inc.

Made in USA, Isodiol manufactures and supplies range of CDB based products under several brands such as Post-O-Coffee, Iso-Sport, Rapid CBD, Isoderm, Cannaceuticals and Pawceuticals where Cannaceuticals is luxury skincare brand. It hosts a suite of skincare products making a comprehensive skincare regime that targets anti-ageing category. The products in the suite include, facial cleansers, toner, lip and eye gel, serum, cream, enzyme mask and night cream. Isodiol differentiates itself by claiming medicinal formulations in its products providing it a scientific edge and flaunts a good 4.7 rating on Trustpilot.

Josie Maran Cosmetics LLC

Josie Maram Cosmetics’ Skin Dope range includes hemp seed facial, facial cream, body cream, body wash, oil that come in different packaging. Compared to other brands mentioned above, Josie Maran has diverse portfolio of products including makeup products using argan oil as key differentiator.

While the list of companies continue, the above mentioned companies have topped our chart for providing high quality products and cool packaging. Do share with us if there are other brands that you love!

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