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Cosmetics Brazil

Revenue from beauty and personal care market amounts to USD 22,628 millions in 2020. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7%. Beauty industry of brazil accelerates two to three times faster than the national economy.


Brazil cosmetic market stands at 4th place in the world and is anticipated to grow continuously. Not only women cosmetics sales but also men cosmetics sale has established its foot in this segment. This offers great opportunities to cosmetic companies to enter the Brazilian market.

Cosmetics Registration in Brazil

Artixio, with its offices in leading cities in Brazil and suites of services is a Most loved Partner for cosmetic companies to launch their brands in Brazil.


Artixio’s flare for cosmetic products branding and thorough experience of Brazilian regulatory landscape, positions us as your ‘One-Stop’ Cosmetic Commercialization Partner in Brazil.


In Brazil, The Ministry of Health regulates the manufacture and import of all cosmetics with the aim of assuring its safety and quality in order to safeguard the people’s health. All the cosmetic products must be registered with ANVISA (The National Health Surveillance Agency) before entering the market.

Cosmetics Notification Process in Brazil
1- Assign Local Representative / Distributor 
2- Ingredients Compliane Check
3- Label Review
4- Claims Review 
6- Documentation Review 
7- Prepare Technical Dossier 
8- Submit Application to ANVISA for Review 
9- Approval of commercialization 
10- Obtain Import License 
11- Start Import Process
Artixio’s Services

Cosmetics Regulatory Affairs in Brazil include,

  • Authorized Brazilian Agent Services

  • Ingredients Compliance / Safety Assessment

  • Label Compliance Assessment

  • Artwork Design

  • Cosmetic Product Registration in Brazil

  • Importation and Custom Clearance


Artixio has experience working with leading distributors in Brazil that can support commercialization of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals through,

  • Online distribution and sale through multi-brand or focused eCommerce sites

  • In-store, national distribution and sale in Brazil

  • Distribution and sale of cosmeceuticals through Aesthetic Clinics Brazil

  • Distribution and sale of cosmetics through Salons and Spas in Brazil

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