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Have you got a product idea? We understand how amazing it is to have something in mind and equally exciting to get it rolling. While we are sure your idea is wonderful, but a thorough assessment of Industrial Landscape is advisable for the Product Development and Designing to generate valuable insights on Clinical Trial, Safety and Testing.

Let your idea flow and Artixio meanwhile will take care of your Research and Development Strategy to make it stand out in global markets. We believe that the product differentiation is created right from innovation at technology and product designing and marketing level.


At Artixio, our team of techno-commercial experts can assist you throughout your journey which would holistically cover:

Our team will create an industry specific intelligence report strategically analyzing industry governing factors, the report includes

  • Industry Description: Competitive Landscape, Sales and Marketing, Regional and International understanding, Products Operations and Technology, Financials and Human Resource, Industry Indicators

  • Industry Forecast: Financials, Industry Forecast and Growth Ratings, Business trends and Industry Opportunities

  • Business Information: Executive Insights, Business challenges and critical issues, Business Technology Strategies

  • Commercial Information: R&D finances, Regulations, Import & Export, Distribution, Product Facility Operations, Organizational Management, Customers Relationship Management, Marketing, Pricing

  • Strategic Clinical Trial Consulting: Supporting with data capture, Analysis and document management, Quality and Compliance

  • Clinical Testing and Imaging: Preparing reports on Bioequivalence and Bioavailability studies, phase testing, medical imagining, AI predictions, Trial tracking and analysis

  • Global Clinical Trial Management: Clinical data managements, Trial planning, development and design, Biostatistician Programming

  • Medical Writing: Protocol development, CSR, SoPs writing, Safety reports

  • Strategy for existing product: Product analysis, Competition analysis, Market analysis, Product Shortcoming Report, Product Remediation and change management Strategy, Market testing, Branding & Advertising, feedback management

  • Strategy for New product: Set Vision and goals, conduct intelligence on design Prototype and Market Report, procure material, conducting research based on product category, type, market, Branding and Advertising, market launch and feedback management

  • Drug Discovery: Intelligence reporting on Cloning targets, choosing biological mechanisms, rational designing, lead compounding or biologics

  • Drug Development: Providing strategies on Pharmaceutical scale up, ADME (Absorption/Distribution/Metabolism/Excretion) and Safety studies, testing, formulations, clinical trials designing and management, product characterization, formulation, packaging development,

  • Drug Elucidation: Identification of model organism, insights on target and mechanism

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