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Performance Evaluation Reports (PER)

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Performance Evaluation Report

Every IVD is required to have a Performance Evaluation Report in accordance with the EU In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation 2017/746 (IVDR) (PER). The three pillars of PERs are clinical performance, analytical performance, and scientific validity.

For IVD makers, gathering data to adequately address each pillar must be a top concern. Notified bodies won't work with manufacturers that can't show that they have procedures in place for IVDR compliance because of the pressure and resource constraints they are under.

Current Challenges related to PER

  • Lack of expertise in authoring and updating Performance Evaluation Report

  • Scarcity of qualified writers and evaluators with profound knowledge on In Vitro diagnostics

  • Lack of effective planning to compile and submit the PER’s  to Notified bodies meeting regulatory requirements

  • Lack of management practices aimed at timelines meeting regulatory changes

  • Artixio's Expertise ​

  • Regulatory champions with experience in authoring Performance Evaluation Reports for In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)

  • Clinical and Medical Professionals with decades of experience in evaluating clinical reports

  • Notified Bodies experience to precisely recommend strategy for Right First Time reports

  • Streamlined Project Management to meet regulatory timelines 

  • Performance Evaluation of In-Vitro Diagnostics

    Analytical Performance


    Clinical Performance

    Clinical Evidence

    Process of Preparing Performance Evaluation Report

    Stage 1

    Identify clinical evidence from:

    •Literature search and/or

    •Clinical experience and/or

    •Clinical performance studies and

    •Analytical performance studies

    Generate new or additional analytical/ clinical data


    Is clinical evidence  sufficient to be able to  declare conformity  with relevant ERs?


    Stage 2

    Appraisal of individual data sets:


    •Contribution of results to demonstration  of performance and safety

    Stage 3

    Analysis of relevant data:

    •Strength of overall evidence

    •Conclusion about performance and safety

    Performance Evaluation Report

    Artixio is helping IVD manufacturers globally with preparation of Performance Evaluation Report for their products. 

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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