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Image by Dino Reichmuth

Why Choose Artixio Consulting?

01. Client Focused

Artixio provides care and attention to clients' needs for projects of any size. Our team carries entrepreneurial spirit designed to meet clients requirements in a fast paced and client friendly environment. Right from first response to ongoing project management, we are committed, quick and pay great attention to detail.

02. Global Reach

Presence in over 70 countries through our regional presence and affiliate network, we provide access to all the key markets worldwide. All our experts have decades of experience managing regional health authorities' expectations for successful approval of products and post approval maintenance. Our projects include country specific regulatory strategy, registration, legal representation and maintenance of licenses.

03. Passion, Creativity and Excellence

We are as passionate as you about the purpose of bringing innovations for treating life-threatening diseases, products improving life and lifestyle. Our fresh approach coupled with drive for consistent excellence drives us in every endeavor. We are your partner through your journey.

04. Decades of Experience

Our subject matter experts are recognized leaders in the industry with experience in successfully commercializing pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetic and dietary supplements in international markets for world leading organizations.

05. Integrated Services

Right from regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, regulatory operations, branding, labeling and artwork, market access and product launch, Artixio is your single destination for all your product commercialization needs. We are positioned to bring you right specialized expertise coupled with scalable operational team to address your needs at any scale at different stages of product development and commercialization. 

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