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MedTech Incubators and Accelerators in India: A Guide for Innovator & Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Introduction to MedTech Incubators & Accelerators:

Incubators and accelerators stand as two essential pillars for fostering creativity and accelerating business expansion for early stage entrepreneurs and innovators.

Incubators offer crucial resources including coaching, networking opportunities, and occasionally, finance, in a nurturing atmosphere for developing entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, accelerators are meant to help organizations that currently have a defined product or minimum viable product (MVP) develop quickly.

Both the models offer extensive support, including financing, access infrastructure and resources, contacts to investors, and coaching. The significance of these programs is enhanced multi-fold in the MedTech industry considering the specialized infrastructure and mentoring requirements, compliance considerations, capital intensive-high risk investments and industry insights to drive innovations that potentially impact lives.

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Recent impetus from the Government of India, amplified demand for medtech innovations and ability to leverage technology develop and deliver medical and healthcare solutions has helped the MedTech innovation ecosystem grow faster in India resulting in establishment of several MedTech and HealthTech focused Incubators and Accelerators in India.

Distinguishing Between MedTech Incubators and Accelerators:

To comprehend their roles in the startup ecosystem, it's vital to differentiate between incubators and accelerators.

Incubators: Function as nurturing environments for fledgling startups, often ideas without proof of concept, during their early stages.

● Provide physical office spaces.

● Offer guidance from seasoned mentors.

● Facilitate networking opportunities.

● Occasionally extend funding assistance.

Accelerators: Tailored for startups with clear products or MVPs aiming for rapid growth.

● Offer an intense and structured approach to business scaling.

● Typically run fixed-duration programs.

● Include mentorship, investments, and connections to investors.

medtech, medical device, diagnostics, incubator, accelerator, innovation, startup, india, production linked scheme

Choosing Between Accelerators and Incubators:

Depending on where a startup is in the process of growth, it is up to them to decide whether to join an accelerator or incubator programme. Incubators can offer the essential tools and guidance needed for businesses in the ideation or MVP stages to hone their concepts and business plans. Accelerator programmes, on the other hand, which are designed to move firms forward quickly, may be more advantageous for startups with a clearly defined product and a growth-oriented mindset. Startups should weigh their immediate needs, long-term objectives, and the specific resources provided by each programme type when choosing between the two.

medtech, medical device, diagnostics, incubator, accelerator, innovation, startup, india, production linked scheme

MedTech Market Growth in India:

The MedTech industry, encompassing medical devices and diagnostics, has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. Projections suggest that the global market will reach a valuation of approximately $600 billion by 2025, with a sustained compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 6% until 2030. This surge in growth has been accompanied by a wave of startups focusing on innovative medical solutions. India, as the fourth-largest medical device market in Asia, is witnessing an influx of startups dedicated to addressing healthcare challenges with technological innovations.

Rising healthcare demands, technology developments, and government assistance are driving the rapid evolution of the Indian MedTech startup sector. The field has a huge potential with over 250 MedTech businesses and a projected 15% market growth rate. The sector's sustainable growth trajectory will be shaped by issues including worldwide regulatory harmonization, intellectual property protection, and compliance with changing rules.

medtech, medical device, diagnostics, incubator, accelerator, innovation, startup, india, production linked scheme

Initiatives from the Government of India to Foster MedTech Growth:

The Indian government has given the MedTech sector significant support as it expands quickly. To increase domestic manufacturing, programmes like the Production Linked Incentive Schemes have been implemented. Additionally, the creation of medical device parks in several states is promoting an environment that is favorable for the development of medical devices. Government initiatives like the National Medical Devices Policy and the National R&D Policy are meant to encourage industry innovation and cooperation.

MedTech Incubators and Accelerators in India - Catalysts for Success:

Specialized incubators and accelerators have become essential enablers of startup success in the MedTech sector. These programmes provide a wide range of assistance, from technical and commercial mentoring to advice on regulatory compliance and risk assessment. Additionally, they give companies access to specialized equipment, research centers, and design workstations necessary for developing MedTech products.

Examples of MedTech Incubators and Accelerators:

Prominent MedTech Incubators and Accelerators in India:

Educational Institutions' Contribution:

  • IIM-A and IIMB: Renowned educational institutions contributing to the MedTech landscape. They have launched programs targeting HealthTech and Wearable devices sectors.

Please refer to the table below for comprehensive list of MedTech/HealthTech Incubators and Accelerators in India


'Madhavbaug,' one of India’s largest Ayurveda Cardiac Care clinics

D2C, home healthcare, telemedicine, patient-centric innovations, medtech and digital therapeutics

$1.5 million across 8-10 companies over three batches in FY 23


Government of India Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and Tata Trust enabled Social Alpha

Cancer Care, Drone Logisctics, 3D drug Delivery, UAV


IIT Kanpur, DST

Agritech, Cleantech, Cybertech, Education, Fintech, Hardware, Healthcare, Infra, AI/ML/IoT, UAV

100+ Companies, $1B+ Valuation


Social Healthcare, Remote Health Monitoring, Diagnostics, Insurance

10+ Healthcare/ MedTech startups


mPragati – IIT-D / ICMR, DHR​


Surgical Instrumentation

Electronic Instrumentation


20+ Startups


IIT-M Dept of Biotech, MST

Telehealth, Diagnostics, Invasive/ Non Invasive Devices

12+ companies already in market

Grant upto INR 50 Lakhs


Shahani Group Initiative

Health Information, Social Healthtech

5+ healthtech startups


DA-IICT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Incubation (DCEI)






Mobility, healthTech


Rehabilitation, Diagnostics, Stem Cell, eLearning

20+ Startups

Incubator / Accelerator

Medical Devices, Food Biotech, Nutrition

10+ Startups


Digital Transformative Healthcare

10+ Start-ups


Google for Startups

Deep Tech, AI/ML HealthTech

10+ Start-ups in India

Incubator / Accelerator​

Pharma, MedTech, Healthcare, Biotech, Diagnostics

65+ companies

Incubator / Accelerator


Incubators and accelerators are critical to fostering innovation and promoting startup success in the ever-changing MedTech industry. These programmes help tranform unique ideas into successful enterprises by providing necessary resources, mentorship, and finance. These incubators and accelerators will remain key catalysts for innovation, growth, and dramatic change as the MedTech sector continues to rethink healthcare solutions. Students, Faculty Members, Early Stage Entrepreneurs can evaluate their choice of a program based on their current situation and clearly defining their expectations from the program.


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