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Labeling & Artwork

Artixio provides end to end labeling and artwork services including medical writing and operations management. Our team includes clinical, safety professionals, medical writers, labeling managers, labeling operations experts, graphic designers, artwork proof reading experts with experience in tools such as TVT from Schlafender Hase, DocuProof, Blue from Schwak, Veeva and other tools.

Our services include,

  • Global Labeling Services (Core Data Sheet, Core Safety Information etc.)

  • Regional Labeling Services (PILs)

  • Core to Regional Labeling Comparison 

  • Visual Quality Check of Labels 

  • Health Authority Query Responses 

  • Labeling Harmonization 

  • Structured Product Labeling 

  • Labeling Intelligence 

  • Reference Label Change Monitoring 

  • Graphic Design 

  • Corporate and Product Branding 

  • Artwork Change Management

  • Artwork Proof Reading and Quality Check 

  • Artwork Lifecycle Management

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