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Artwork & Label Proofreading & Quality Check Services

Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare product labeling and artwork play significant role in end user’s safety and health. Patients and Consumers alike, around the world must learn about the drugs and products they use in order to make informed decisions about the treatment they undertake and products they consume. Health Authorities worldwide have ever evolving compliance requirements to ensure users’ safety and companies strive to put qualified professionals, processes and systems in place to ensure end users benefit from the intended products. Failure to compliance, errors in labels and artworks compromise safety of patients, while also posing humungous cost and compliance risk on pharmaceutical companies due to,

  • Delay in artwork/label approval and thus delaying the time to market

  • Product recalls resulting in losses in millions of USD

  • Supply Chain interruption


A sound label and artwork compliance strategy requires a health authority approved quality management system, experienced regulatory labelling and artwork quality and proofreading professionals, technology to manage artwork and label lifecycle. It is critical for companies to ensure artwork and label quality for maintaining Corporate Brand identity and Regulatory compliance.

Artixio has been helping global pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and consulting companies with quality driven, timely artwork and label proofreading and quality check services.

Artixio’s Artwork and Label Proofreading and Quality Check Services

Our services include,

  • Artwork Quality Check

  • Manual Proofreading

  • Automated Technology based Proofreading and Quality Check (our teams are experienced working with industry leading tools such as Schlafender Hase, DocuProof and others)

  • Visual Quality Check, Image to Image comparison

  • Pixel to pixel comparison

  • Braille Check, color check and tamper evident packaging

  • Artwork and Label Regulatory Compliance

Why Artixio?

Global, Trusted Partner for Top 50 Pharma

1000+ Monthly Artworks Throuput

Over 50% Cost Savings Delivered

  • Wide therapeutic area and product category experience (CNS, rare diseases, CVD, immunology, generic drugs, OTC, cosmetics, nutrition and others)

  • Proofreaders’ experience ranging from 5-15 years

  • Two Levels Quality Check

  • Experience across wide range of labels and artworks (Patient Information Leaflet (PIL), SmPC, blister packs, cartons and others)

  • Experience across multiple languages (2, 3, 4 language labels) – Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Arabic, Portuguese, English and many others

  • Multi-Lingual Project Managers (our team can speak English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and other languages)

  • Compliant with GxP standards

  • Ongoing long-term partnership with global Top 50 pharma companies from Europe and United States

  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

Experience our services today. We look forward to building a long partnership with you!  

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