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Updated List of Approved Fixed-Dose Combinations (FDC) from CDSCO, India

india cdsco fixed dose combinations fdc
india cdsco fixed dose combinations fdc

After identifying "certain typographical" flaws in the original document, India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) revised its list of approved fixed-dose combination (FDC) items.

A report on CDSCO's examination of FDCs, which has been ongoing for ten years, was released in February. The notification included a number of annexes, one of which included a list of the FDCs that the Indian government had approved "in a phase-wise manner based on phased scrutiny and recommendations by Kokate Committee," the group established to judge the efficacy of medication combinations offered in the nation.

The list of permitted FDCs is reissued in the current notification. Five of the more than 2,100 FDC products listed in the annexe had mistakes, thus CDSCO took action to fix them.

Access the full notice here CDSCO Update


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