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Artixio's Testing Services for Medical Devices and IVDs

Artixio provides with a a one-stop solution by combining our in-depth knowledge of testing medical products with a global network of facilities and laboratories that have received international accreditation. Our testing puts your product through a thorough evaluation by the medical device industry evaluation and enables you to establish compliance with international standards and laws.

From prototyping to CB certification, lab tests for ergonomics, electrical, mechanical, and functional safety evaluations, as well as software testing, our tests cover the whole design and production cycle. We support testing for both active medical devices, IVDs equipment, and non-active medical devices.

Physical Testing for Medical Devices and IVDs

Functional Safety

Environmental Testing


MRI Safety Testing

EMC Testing


Chemical & Biological Testing for Medical Devices and IVDs

Biocompatibility Testing

Chemical Testing

Microbial Testing

Chemical Characterization

Cyber Security - Medical Devices and IVDs

Cyber Security Testing & Assessment Services

What Our Clients Say


Director Regulatory Affairs, An IVD Company

Artixio's team has been phenomenal in their response and support. We could get our device tested and submit the application as scheduled.

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