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Market Access

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Enabling patients’ access to therapies requires authorization from health authorities and payers’ acceptance of pricing based on therapy’s benefits and advantages over existing options. The pricing is driven by insights from key opinion leaders, prescribers’ understanding of the therapy, payers’ policies and regulatory framework on certain disease areas in the country.


The key benefits and advantages over existing treatments are part of drug development planning and therefore, it can be stated that Market Access is a key consideration right from the early stage of drug development.


Artixio’s team brings wealth of experience across complex therapeutic areas and global markets to help you address key questions for your market access strategy –



  • Targeting expected indication and therapy

  • Existing therapeutic modalities and line of therapy

  • KOL opinion on new therapy’s advantages and benefits over current options;

  • Price comparator with existing therapies under applicable treatment setups to assess ‘effective cost of treatment’ through the lifecycle of treatment

  • Risks based on side effects

  • Scientific data supporting product’s advantages



  • Reimbursement policies in the country

  • Timeline and process for reimbursement approvals

  • Identification of primary markets for product launch based in reimbursement scenario


Get in touch with our team to discuss your market access needs.

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