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Cosmetic Labeling Requirements - A Global Comparison

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

European Union (EU)

United States of America (USA)



New Zealand




South Korea

A/C to UAE.S GSO 1943

A/C to EU cosmetic regulations

A/C to FD&C and the FP&L act

A/C to Consumer packaging and labelling Act

A/C to PMDL regulations

A/C to EPA

A/C to Drug and cosmetic rules 1945


A/C to Health Sciences Authority


  1. Name of the product (Name of the product and the brand name)

  2. Name and address of the manufacturer/ distributer

  3. Country of origin of the product

  4. Expiry date

  5. Period of durability after opening the product

  6. Conditions of use, warnings and precautions

  7. Batch number of the product

  8. Product category

  9. Ingredients of the product and the brand name Storage conditions

  10. Language (should be in English and/Arab)

1. Brand name

2. Commercial name

3. Product category

4. Precautions of use

5. List of ingredients

6. Expiry date of product

7. Owner name and address

8. Name and address of the manufacturer

9. Batch number of the product

10. Country of the origin of the product

11. Nominal quantities (Weight/ volume at the time of packaging)

1. Net quantity of the contents of solids (in avoirdupois pound and ounce)

2. Net quantity of contents of liquids (In U.S. gallons)

3. Descriptive name of the product

4. Nature of use of the product

5. Declaration of the product

6. Name and place of the marketing firm

7. Appropriate wording about manufacturer and distributor (Like manufactured by/ distributed by)

8. List of color additives

9. Language (in English)

10. Label warnings (which are hazardous to the consumers)

11. Packaging in tamper-resistant packaging

1. Name and address of the manufacturer

2. Generic name and function of the cosmetic

3. List of the ingredients (By its INCI names)

4. Product net quantity

5. Precautions to hazards and cautions

1. Name and address of the firm

2. Japanese product name

3. Batch number of the product or the batch code

4. Shelf life of the product

5. Ingredient labelling in Japanese

6. Country of Origin

7. Warnings and conditions of use

8. Colors used (in descending order)

9. Flavors (mentioned as perfume)

1. Product name

2. Safety of use of products

3. Hazard indications

4. List of ingredients

5. Name and address of the manufacturer

6. Batch code of the product

7. Disposal recommendations

8. Nanomaterials in the product

1. Name of the cosmetics

2. Name and address of the manufacturer

3. Expiry date (Month and Year)

4. Net contents (Expressed a/c to their states)

5. Directions for sale use

6. Warnings and precautions

7. List of ingredients with quantities (In descending order)

8. Batch number of the products

9. Manufacturing license number

10. Labelling in English and local languages (for hair dyes, colours and pigments)

11. Fluoride content (for dental products)

1. Ingredients list (in descending order of volume/ mass)

2. List of colour additives

3. Names of the ingredients (in English or their INCI names)

4. List of flavours used

5. List of ingredients

6. Name and the address of the packer

7. Period after opening (POA)

8. Country of origin

1. Name of the cosmetic product

2. Product category

3. Directions of use

4. Ingredients listing (in descending order)

5. Colouring agents used

6. Country of origin

7. Net quantity of the ingredients (weight/volume)

8. Manufacturing and the expiry dates

9. Name and Address of the manufacturer/ distributer

10. Special precautions (for specific products of Annex III, VI and VII of ACD)

11. Special indications (Like “for professional use”)

1. Name of the product

2. Trade name and address of the distributer

3. Ingredients listing

4. Net quantities of the products

5. Manufacturing number

6. Expiry date

7. Price of the product

8. Cautions and warnings of use

9. Bar code of the product

10. Manufacturing company name and address (for imported products)

11. Efficacy and using methods (For functional cosmetics)

12. Contents of preservatives (For Children’s cosmetics)


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