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Enhanced Digital (SEO) Strategies for a USA based Surgical Instruments Company


Boosting Surgical Company's digital presence, driving improved website performance, and fortifying their reputation in the competitive medical equipment industry. This case study outlines Digi by Artixio's Enhanced Digital (SEO) Strategies for a USA based Surgical Instruments Company.


Client, a vanguard in the medical equipment space, found itself in a quagmire with a sluggish website and challenges in managing its online reputation, especially against unsavory competitor tactics.

Driving Factors:

In today's fast-paced digital world, speed and reputation are paramount. Client needed a swift, optimized digital platform and a pristine online reputation to stand out in the saturated medical equipment market, particularly in the US.

Potential Solutions:

A deep dive by Digi by Artixio revealed areas needing immediate attention: website speed, search engine visibility, content strategy for professional networks like LinkedIn, and proactive reputation management.


The first order of business was revamping the website for optimal speed. By streamlining backend processes and utilizing performance enhancement tools, the load time was significantly reduced. Concurrently, on-site SEO strategies were employed to ensure organic search visibility. The content creation team worked diligently to produce compelling SlideShare presentations, aligning with Client's innovation ethos. Moreover, LinkedIn became a focal point, optimizing the Client's profile and expanding its professional network. Active reputation management ensured negative, competitor-driven content was promptly addressed and rectified.

Achieved Results:

Client now boasts a high-performing website, loading its homepage in under 2 seconds. The strategic SEO efforts brought in increased organic traffic, while LinkedIn and SlideShare strategies expanded the brand's professional reach. The reputation management efforts ensured a clean slate, devoid of any unsolicited negative posts.


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