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Pharmaceuticals Registration in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Project Overview & Assessment
Technology Transfer & others
  • Identify the Gaps

  • Understand the key concern areas

  • Define strategy

  • Extend support for closing the gaps

Scientific Office establishment
Product Dossier 
Site Dossier 
  • Review, Due Diligence report, Compliance

  • Guidance on the registration procedure

  • Product classification

  • Dossier Preparation

  • Filing & eCTD publishing

  • Response to Regulatory authorities enquiries

  • Artwork development, label claim preparation, review for compliance

  • Preparation of SmPC, Patient information leaflet as per country specific requirement

  • Translation

  • Documents Review & Due Diligence report

  • Guidance on the registration procedure

  • File Preparation

Product’s Life Cycle Management
  • Registration renewals

  • All types of Variations

Regulatory Strategy & Intelligence for Drug Registration in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Artixio’s regional regulatory experts provide insights into Taiwan regulations for pharmaceutical and biologic products right from development to authorization. Depending on the stage you are in of your journey, our team can provide you evidence based strategic insights to make suitable decision for successful product registration in UAE. Our services include,

  • Insights on UAE's Regulations for New Molecules, Generics, Biologics, Biosimilars and Combination products

  • Consultation on Regulatory Pathway for your product and therapeutic indication

  • GMP and audit requirements based on your existing approvals in other countries

  • Insights on pricing, market opportunity, distribution channels and cost of landing the product

  • UAE FDA consultation strategy  

Regulatory Affairs

Our experience with UAE FDA and regional experts support our clients with end to end registration of pharmaceutical and biologic products in UAE. Our services include,

  • Dossier gap analysis based on existing approvals in reference markets (USA, EU, Australia etc.)

  • Dossier preparation for UAE FDA submission

  • Consultation meeting with UAE FDA

  • Response to queries

  • Obtaining license post approval  

Regulatory Operations

Our regulatory operations services support pre and post registration of pharmaceutical products.

  • Publishing and submission in required format

  • Notarization where applicable

  • Translation in Local Language

  • Regulatory Information Management

  • Post Approval Maintenance such as license renewals, annual reports

Labeling & Artwork

Our end to to end labeling and artwork services support compliance driven labeling content authoring, graphic design and printing for pharmaceutical products. With teams experienced in managing clinical and commercial labeling for diverse products, Artixio provides high quality services to supporting our clients' labeling and artwork requirements.  

  • Target Product Profile 

  • Core Data Sheet Authoring and Management 

  • Core Safety Information Authoring 

  • Literature Search and Review 

  • Medical Writing 

  • Labeling Operations Management 

  • International Labeling 

  • SmPC, PIL Support 

  • Artwork Proof Reading (SmPC, PIL, Blister Packs, Cartons etc.)

  • Graphic Design 

  • Artwork Change Management 

  • Artwork Process Coordination 

  • Labeling and Artwork Project Management

Market Access

Enabling patients’ access to therapies requires authorization from health authorities and payers’ acceptance of pricing based on therapy’s benefits and advantages over existing options. The pricing is driven by insights from key opinion leaders, prescribers’ understanding of the therapy, payers’ policies and regulatory framework on certain disease areas in the country.


The key benefits and advantages over existing treatments are part of drug development planning and therefore, it can be stated that Market Access is a key consideration right from the early stage of drug development.


Artixio’s team brings wealth of experience across complex therapeutic areas and global markets to help you address key questions for your market access strategy –


  • Targeting expected indication and therapy

  • Existing therapeutic modalities and line of therapy

  • KOL opinion on new therapy’s advantages and benefits over current options;

  • Price comparator with existing therapies under applicable treatment setups to assess ‘effective cost of treatment’ through the lifecycle of treatment

  • Risks based on side effects

  • Scientific data supporting product’s advantages


  • Reimbursement policies in the country

  • Timeline and process for reimbursement approvals

  • Identification of primary markets for product launch based in reimbursement scenario

Market Intelligence

Artixio enables data driven executive decisions across C-Level, marketing, R&D, clinical, regulatory and commercial department right from product development, product launch and post marketing support. Our team has decades of experience and insights to global markets in planning and commercializing pharmaceutical, med-tech, cosmetic and nutrition products.


Our comprehensive market intelligence approach covers all key areas of life-sciences products to enable critical commercial decisions for,

  • Develop key product differentiators and product development plan

  • Competitor analysis (business, Intellectual Property, clinical, product claims/benefits etc) and developing counter competitive strategies

  • Market landscape analysis to

    • quantify market opportunity and market size

    • identify key sales and distribution channels (pharmacy and retail sales, hospital sales, salons/spas, online ecommerce and others)

    • Develop country specific product launch strategy – product portfolio selection, pricing, sales/distribution channels, marketing messages, marketing collateral requirements, regional Key Opinion Leaders, consortiums and events

  • Assess target market and key market positioning

  • Develop key marketing strategy and marketing messages

  • Pricing benchmarking for product positioning and value proposition

  • Disease Area Strategy based on therapeutic area landscape analysis, therapeutic modalities and cost of treatment

  • Clinical Intelligence to assess competitors’ product development and clinical strategy to develop a differentiated clinical development roadmap

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