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Case Study: Navigating Product and Business Registrations for Cosmetic Products in the UAE

In an era of expanding global markets, navigating regulatory landscapes in new territories poses significant challenges for companies aiming to broaden their reach. This case study sheds light on the journey of an Indian Manufacturing and Export Company specializing in food and cosmetic products and how the company sought the expertise of Artixio, a registered company in Dubai renowned for its proficiency in health supplements and cosmetics regulatory compliance.

Registration of Cosmetic Products in the UAE

Client Background 

An Indian Manufacturing and Export Company, specializes in manufacturing and exporting food and cosmetic products. As part of its expansion strategy, the company has recently registered a new entity in the Sharjah Free zone in the UAE.


The primary goal of the company is to obtain a Montaji product license for their Beauty Oils and to obtain VAT registration and Custom Bond Registration in the UAE to streamline their business operations and expand their market reach.

Challenges in Registration of Cosmetic Products in the UAE

  • Regulatory Landscape: Understanding the specific requirements and regulations for cosmetic products in the UAE.

  • Document Preparation: Identifying and compiling all necessary documents for the Montaji product license application.

  • Compliance: Ensuring all products meet the UAE's stringent regulatory standards.

  • VAT Registration: Navigating the process to register for VAT in the UAE.

  • Custom Bond Registration: Securing a Custom Bond to facilitate import and export activities.

Artixio Solution for Registration of Cosmetic Products in the UAE

Artixio, a registered company in Dubai with an active trade license for health supplements and cosmetics, provided comprehensive assistance. Artixio provided a comprehensive solution to the Indian Manufacturing and Export Company. A detailed project plan was submitted, outlining -

  • Pre-requisites for operating company in UAE and compliance with the company regulations

  • Requirements for product compliance

  • Detailed list of activities to be carried out

  • Comprehensive Checklists

  • Number of applications required for the various variants of beauty oils

  • Thorough breakdown of registration fees.  

This project plan has provided the client with a clear understanding of the requirements, necessary actions, and a detailed plan of action with specific timelines. Upon mutual agreement, Artixio proceeded to execute the comprehensive registration activities.

  • Artixio secured the VAT registration from Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and custom bond registration from UAE Customs Department for the client in the UAE

  • Artixio facilitated the creation of a Montaji account and handled the registration process.

  • Artixio obtained a Certificate of Free Sale from the CDSCO in India which is an important document required to be submitted.

  • Artixio also conducted a thorough review of labeling compliance and provided translation services to Arabic, ensuring all regulatory requirements were met.

  • Artixio has reviewed all advertising content, including brochures and videos, to ensure compliance.

  • Artixio secured an advertising permit for the beauty oils

  • Additionally, Artixio evaluated the company's marketing and advertising plan to determine if any additional approvals were needed from other ministries, such as the Ministry of Health and Prevention or the Department of Economy and Tourism.


  • Successful Montaji Registration: Achieve official Montaji product licenses for Beauty Oils, enabling the company to legally sell and distribute their products in the UAE.

  • VAT Registration: Obtain VAT registration, ensuring compliance with UAE tax laws and facilitating smoother business operations.

  • Custom Bond Registration: Secure a Custom Bond, allowing for efficient import and export activities and enhancing the company's operational capabilities in the UAE.

With Artixio’s expert guidance and support, the Indian manufacturing and export company successfully navigated the complex regulatory environment of the UAE. By obtaining the necessary Montaji product licenses, VAT registration, and Custom Bond registration, the company was well-positioned to expand its market presence and capitalize on the growing demand for cosmetic products in the UAE. Artixio’s comprehensive solutions ensured a seamless and efficient process, allowing the company to focus on its core business activities and growth strategies.


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