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Pharmaceutical Artwork Management - Challenges and Solutions

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Artwork management is a critical process in the pharmaceutical industry. It ensures patient safety while reducing recall risk and is under constant pressure to deliver an increasing number of projects in a compressed time frame. Here are some of the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in artwork management:

  1. Pressure to Deliver: Companies strive to differentiate themselves by reducing time to market, delivering quick product mix, and quickly changing products to market needs.

  2. Regulatory Compliance: Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies are governed by FDA validation, stringent quality norms, and GMP.

  3. Errors: Minuscule errors can be costly, damaging, and put companies at risk due to the threat of product recalls, health authority warnings, and fines.

  4. Globalization: Pharmaceutical companies must combat localization issues which include language, cultural, and regulatory requirements.

  5. Coordination: Companies face challenges such as coordination between different artwork stakeholders, change management issues, version control and assets management, quality management system, and printing issues.

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To address these challenges, here are some solutions:

  1. Coordination with Stakeholders: Ensuring seamless coordination between stakeholders is critical for successful artwork management.

  2. Customized Workflows: Customizable workflows are the essence of approval processes, artwork review, and lifecycle management3.

  3. Managing Multiple Revisions: Establish a robust artwork review process to avoid errors and inconsistencies, including version control and traceability.

  4. Harmonizing Regulatory Requirements: Ensure that the artwork and label comply with the specific regulatory requirements of each region.

  5. Digital Asset Library: A centralized digital asset library stores everything in one place and lets you eliminate chaos, strengthen relationships, and eliminate up to 40% of your creative time spent searching for the right assets.

  6. Project Tracking: Monitoring the progress of various components like markets, submissions, or launch plans is crucial.

  7. Artwork Management Software: Tools like Artwork Flow provide a practical approach to eliminate proofing errors and maximize productivity.

By following these guidelines, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the artwork development process and get it right the first time, leading to successful product launches and regulatory compliance.

Artixio's comprehensive artwork management solutions help pharmaceutical companies achieve their artwork commercial and compliance goals. Explore the services from Artixio here.


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