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Enabling Go/No-Go Decision for a Global Medical Devices Leader


Client is a global medical devices leader with strong presence in syringes market.

Problem Statement:

The Company’s R&D department has developed a concept of pre-filled insulin syringes that it intends to evaluate the market feasibility to prepare and present a business case to its management for a go/no-go decision. The client needed an agency with strong on-the-ground presence in India and large KOL network with strategic capabilities to assist it with the assessment.

Artixio’s Solution:

Artixio’s team has decades of experience supporting strategic commercial decisions using combination of strategies based on insights gathered through primary and secondary sources. The Client’s situation required a qualitative assessment of prescribers, patients to understand the user behavior, price sensitivity, and cost of treatment, prescription patterns and available treatments/competition to recommend a suitable strategy.

  • Artixio’s 10,000+ KOL network across India and over a decade of on-the-ground primary market research experience positioned Artixio to draft and deploy a plan.

  • Artixio helped in identifying key market intelligence questions need to be addressed and thus drafting a questionnaire to collect the information.

  • Artixio deployed a team that travelled in different regions in India to interview general practitioners, diabetes specialists.

The qualitative inputs were assessed a strategy workshop was conducted with Client’s multi-disciplinary team including R&D, marketing, strategy and commercial to evaluate potential strategic outcomes based on insights generated.


Our team clearly provided benefits and disadvantages of available strategic options driven by

  • Doctors’ perception of market and prescribing behavior

  • Cost of treatment and affordability across income groups

  • Patient lifecycle value

  • Patients’ compliance to treatment

  • Competitors’ advantages, strategies and campaigns


The Client was able to arrive at a strategic decision within 4 months of engaging with Artixio.


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