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Case Study: Enabling Product Positioning for Filtration Devices Using Primary Market Intelligence


Client is a large scale, multi-industry conglomerate that markets filtration devices worldwide.

Problem Statement:

Client’s product leadership is tasked to retain its leadership in market across industries. The filtration product is used across pharmaceutical, laboratories, cement, petrol and other industries to filtrate impurities.


Artixio in conjunction with Client’s product leadership identified a multi-pronged strategy that can enable product’s leadership in Indian market for filtration device.

  • Validate product’s viability based on evolving consumer problems and needs

  • Customer’s perception on brand, availability, pricing, volume and motivation for purchase

  • Competitive landscape, competitors’ strategy for distribution, supply chain, incentives provided to distributors and customers


Considering the niche and fragmented market in India across industries, Artixio identified that a primary market research would be most suitable approach to build the decision enabling matrix for the Client.

The primary market intelligence strategy included,

  • Target Product: Filtration Devices

  • Target Audience: Purchasing Managers, Lab Supervisors, Distributors

  • Target Industries: Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Cement Manufacturers, Petrol Vendors

  • Target Geography: Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western India

Artixio’s experienced and specialized primary market intelligence team developed a comprehensive strategy translated into open ended questionnaire customized to different target audience. The team, then travelled across different states and regions in India scheduling meetings and interviews ‘in person’ with the target audience. The information gathered was analysed by centralized team and follow up questions, where needed, were asked to the participants.


Client was presented with key factors that drove the market at the time and strategies that can reposition the company’s leadership in the market. The strategies revolved around three key areas:

  • Leveraging brand to drive price premium

  • Reposition sales force to engage and enhance customer relationship to provide higher customer experience that drive price premium

  • Incentivize and support distributors through stronger marketing/sales efforts, thus driving net profitability

Artixio's Leadership has helped large, medium and small lifesciences companies build their global to go market, R&D, product positioning, sales force management and other critical business decisions. For any assistance with primary market intelligence in global markets, please write to us at


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