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Competitive Intelligence for a Global Anti-Depressant Drug Manufacturer

Artixio’s competitive intelligence experts are seasoned in developing comprehensive strategy across therapeutic areas, treatment modalities, and product types in global markets using a combination of secondary data mining and primary intelligence. This case study represents Artixio’s experience in helping pharmaceutical companies with their competitive intelligence needs.


Client is a global manufacturer of anti-depressant drugs

Problem Statement:

The Company’s competition has developed a novel anti-depressant drug that was planning to launch the drug in global markets. Since this would have an impact of Company’s market share and revenue, it wanted to develop a counter-competitive strategy based on intelligence on competitors launch strategy.

Artixio’s Solution:

Artixio specializes in qualitative intelligence using a global network of key opinion leaders across medical practitioners, pharmaceutical sales leaders, distributors, pharmacists and others. Artixio worked with the client to develop Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) need to be addressed to develop a comprehensive view of competitor’s strategy in different markets.

The KIQs included questions related to,

  • Prescribers’ (CNS specialists, general practitioners) preference and opinion on competitor’s new drug as first or second line of therapy

  • Clinical trial intelligence to assess key benefits of the drug and potential marketing messages that the competitor could use

  • Expected price point at which the competitor would launch the product

  • Estimated sales force that the competitor may deploy in different countries

  • Expected marketing strategy – independent website, social media messages/campaigns, TVC and other promotions

  • Social Media analysis to assess the patient sentiment and feedback on the drug (benfits, side effects analysis)

  • Benchmarking side effects and benefits of new drug against existing therapies

  • Benchmark prescriber preference with assessment above

Artixio identified a list of medical practitioners from over 20 countries worldwide and conducted a qualitative primary research to understand prescribers’ preference and opinion on new drug. This was coupled with secondary assessment to validate the theory and develop a SWOT for the competitor’s drug. Veteran sales leaders were interviewed to assess the field sales force assessment for product launch. Assessment of clinical and published literature to develop expected marketing messages and expected support collaterals.


Our team successfully predicted competitor’s where Artixio was able to precisely identify competitor’s drug’s -

  • Price point

  • Marketing strategy and collateral messages

  • Estimated field sales force size

  • Timeline for product launch and sequence of launch in different countries


Since the project was completed in accelerated time due to urgency at client end to understand competitor’s strategy, the outcome of the exercise was validated by the launch of competitor’s drug in market validating Artixio’s intelligence outcomes help the Client build a suitable counter-competitive strategy.


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