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Case Study: Streamlined India Registration and Market Entry for Europe Gel-Based Nail Polish Brand

Case Study: Streamlined India Registration and Market Entry for Europe Gel-Based Nail Polish Brand


A prominent Europe-based Gel-Based Nail Polish brand with aggressive global market expansion plans.

Problem Statement: 

The client faced the challenge of tight timelines for their India launch, necessitating early registration to coincide with their participation in the Cosmoprof event. The urgency of the situation demanded a swift and effective regulatory strategy to meet their market entry objectives.

Artixio Solution: 

Artixio, with its expertise in regulatory affairs and market entry facilitation, provided a comprehensive solution to address the client's challenges:

  • Gap Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis to identify gaps in the client's regulatory compliance and market entry strategy specific to India.

  • Ingredients Assessment: Assessed the composition of the gel-based nail polish to ensure compliance with Indian regulatory standards.

  • Label Review: Ensured that the product labels adhered to Indian regulatory requirements, facilitating a smooth approval process.

  • Registration via SUGAM Portal: Artixio registered on the Sugam online portal on behalf of the manufacturer. Artixio filled out and submitted form COS 2 on behalf of the client to import a cosmetic product. 

  • Indian Authorized Representative: Acted as the authorized representative in India, streamlining communication with regulatory authorities and facilitating a seamless registration process.

  • Import of Samples: Facilitated the import of product samples into India to expedite the registration process, enabling the client to showcase their products at the Cosmoprof event.

  • Distribution and Partner Search Strategy: Provided valuable insights and recommendations on potential distribution channels and partner search strategy in the Indian market.



The collaborative efforts between the client and Artixio resulted in a successful and timely registration of the gel-based nail polish brand in India. The client not only met the tight launch timelines but also participated in the Cosmoprof event, establishing valuable connections with potential distributors and partners. 


  • Timely Registration: Artixio's efficient handling of the regulatory process ensured the client's product was registered on time for the India launch.

  • Cosmoprof Participation: The expedited registration and import of samples allowed the client to showcase their products at the Cosmoprof event, fostering international partnerships.

  • Comprehensive Support: Artixio's end-to-end solutions, from regulatory compliance to distribution strategy, showcased the breadth of support provided to the client in navigating the Indian market.

This case study exemplifies Artixio's commitment to facilitating seamless market entry for global brands, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enabling successful participation in key industry events.

For inquiries on regulatory support and global market entry solutions, contact Artixio at

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