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Frequently Asked Questions - Cosmetic Registration in Brazil

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

1. How are cosmetics classified in Brazil?

In Brazil, the cosmetics and personal care products are classified according to their degree of risk as Grade I and Grade II products.

2. Who regulates cosmetics in Brazil?

In Brazil, National Agency of Health Surveillance, ANVISA regulates the cosmetics under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

3. What is Brazil’s ANVISA?

ANVISA is the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency which is linked to the Ministry of Health. It functions to promote the protection of the population’s health. All the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals must get approval from ANVISA before entering the Brazilian market.

4. What is cosmetic notification in ANVISA?

All the products i.e., both Grade I and Grade II, needs to inform Health authority prior to marketing in Brazil. To do that manufacturers and importers must obtain approval from ANVISA through registration or notification.

5. How to register cosmetics in Brazil?

Grade I products don’t require registration but only notification to ANVISA. A product dossier is presented at ANVISA where the products are subjected to tests.

Grade II products needs to be registered with ANVISA as they are associated with higher risk.

6. What is product dossier?

It is the final dossier submitted for registration of cosmetics. It consists of set of documents to support and declare the safety, quality and efficacy of the cosmetic product to be registered.

7. Is cosmetic business profitable in Brazil?

Brazil’s cosmetic market is flourishing with no signs of slowing down even during fluctuations in the economy. Hence, it can be seen that cosmetic business is profitable in Brazil.


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