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Pharmaceutical Packaging Graphic Design - Challenges and Remediation

pharmaceutical packaging graphic design artwork studio

Pharmaceutical companies face several key challenges when it comes to packaging graphic design. Here are some of the challenges and potential remediation:

  1. Safe Transportation of Non-Solid Medication: Handling and transporting non-solid medications, especially those with glass packaging, can be difficult due to their fragile nature.

  2. Retaining Medicinal Quality of the Products: Sustained exposure to heat and humidity can cause the product to lose its healing capabilities. The packaging materials must be chosen carefully to prevent external factors from affecting the product.

  3. Accurate Dosage and Drug Information: It’s imperative that the necessary dosage information, as well as the drug composition, is present on the packaging of the product itself.

  4. Adhering to Global Standards: The serialization standards in different markets are different. Furthermore, one drug can be made available by different names in different markets by the same pharmaceutical company.

  5. Harmonizing Regulatory Requirements with Branding and Marketing: Balancing the need for regulatory compliance with the desire for effective branding and marketing can be a significant challenge.

  6. Providing Relevant Information on the Packaging: The packaging should contain all the relevant information such as the composition and the expiry date. The packaging also must contain the serial or the batch number for traceability and should come with dosage information as well as any related warnings.

  7. Preserving the Medicinal Value of the Products: The primary objective of pharmaceutical packaging is to preserve the curative effects of the medicine while meeting the existing packaging standards of the region.


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