Template for Literature Search and Screening for Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices

Updated: Jul 1

The literature search and screening report for clinical evaluation of medical devices must be compiled covering following parameters. The the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the literature should be guaranteed.

· Device name:

· Model and specification:

· Time range of search:

· Search database:

· Search methods:

· Search terms:

· Logical matching of the search terms:

· Output of search results:

· Description, causes of search deviation and impact on the results:

· Literature screening procedure:

· Literature screening criteria:

· Excluded literature:

· Reasons of exclusion:

· Output of literature screening results:

· Description, causes of screening deviation and impact on the results:

Note: All searched and screened literature needs to be listed in a consistent format. It is suggested to include such information as “author, title, journal name, year of publication, number of volumes (issues), and page number”

· Personnel signature for literature search and screening:

· Date:

Download the template here

Template for Literature Search for Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices
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Source: National Medicinal Products Administration